Bought an electric gadget?

Why not get a pan to boil eggs
I have the electric myself
Frozen veg small
Crawl out looing mauled
Oh, vitamin rich,I have wealth

Photo by Anete Lusina on

After 15 minutes or less it will give off a noise like a siren

Omelette pans are very small
But they can cook two eggs till they’re fraught
Just perfect for one
My Eden is come
I need sliced tomato in oil

If I have a man needing food
A tin of corned beef is so good
He can show off his prowess
With the little key harassed
I just hope I shan’t see his red blood.

My husband like gravy and sauce
He had a mellifluous voice
He liked roast beef on Sunday
And Cottage Pie Monday
On Tuesday,I cooked a sliced horse.

Now the weekend is no longer fun
Bitter chocolate mould makes me feel glum
The nutmeg tree died
I did not cry
But now and then I try to hum

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