Let lips meet gently

Let your lips meet gently,

the top one resting against the lower,

touching with tenderness

your own skin to skin.

Forefinger propped on chin,

I let the others dangle,

like leaves on a branch;

how softly gravity tugs them downwards.

Let heart beat quietly,slowly

as the blood circulates

carrying its music,

a river,

following the path of least resistance.

How the blood vessels receive willingly this flow,

touching it kindly as with tiny open fingers,

helping and being helped.

How the hair on the head


on the breeze,

like tentacles of an octopus

waving goodbye.

Top eyelid loves the lower one;

as we blink they touch

like lovers kissing swiftly

behind a tree.

and how the light comes in

we see a world.

[mine may not be yours,]

but the blink of my eyelid

sends waves through the air,

so we’re all touching and being touched,

lips kissing each other,

kiss all living creatures.

skin to skin.

air to air.

And inside us,the rich darkness

of creative night

transforms,in turn,

these touches

into dreams.

Resting in friends’ love

Resting in the love of all my friends
I’m soothed like infants in their padded cots
This love is live and rarely does it end
When people really meet the gods descend
Resting in the love of all my friends
Imagining that sunshine will ills mend
Make us grateful for the good we’ve got
Resting in the love of all our friends
We’re soothed when reading words we had forgot

Love has begun

  • I can’t love you
    without loving the whole world too.
    I can’t open my heart
    unless everyone can be part.Wait for me.
    I’m not afraid.
    Wait for me.
    I may be delayed.I see you in my mind,
    Smiling, sad and kind.
    I can’t love you
    Unless I love the lost too.Give me your hands
    Outstretched across the world.
    We’re all one
    Love has begun

Freudian terrors

Signing off a letter with “beast wishes” Katherine
Yours fatefully
Yours sinderely
Ever bores
How nice to hump into you today
How good to be you today
Thanks for your litter.
Your letter was hellcome
Do you chop every Saturday?
I’ve got my insults from the lab today
Hope you are feeling reduced
Thanks for the Credit bard
Take your frog’s crap home in a bag
Noone wears a bat in church now
Lie low,I’m me.