I think Stan is having a nervous breakdown


I think Stan is having a nervous breakdown.He hasn’t cleaned  the windows for a week and he says he hates the vista.
I know this vista well and to a cat it’s quite intriguing,though we have better vision..
He says he can’t do a back up…why can’t he park up front ?
Now he says there’s a virus in here.Well,I’ve seen some beetles on You Tube but not a single virus….
He says the touchpad needs freezing………….well,it won’t fit in our freezer;it’s full of kippers.My pads are still ok despite my climbing trees.
Now he’s shouting “Bugs” at the computer but so far it’s not replied.
I said it’s time for coffee,to which he replied:
“To be or not to be”
So I said,”Measure for measure.”
Then he leered nastily
So I said,
I want to change sex for my name is Cordelia.
He said,you’ve got your own blog now,Emile.
I said,Lend me your ear.
He said,You have two already!
So I said,Much ado about nothing.
He said,Are you barking?
I whispered,It’s a dog.
He said,Persuade me.
So then I barked and he passed out on that old chair.
We’re waiting for the ambulance now…
Then we’re off to see
Timon of Athens
or was it
Timor of Athens?
It’s all Greek to me.
It could be Hebrew…the concept appeals to me.
Was it Aramaic they spake?
One image is worth a thousand words.
My horse,my horse,My king came for a horse.
Some have funny habits!
Thank you,Henry 4 that.
Willy will you wink for me tonight?
Emile wants a drink with you tonight.

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