Doctor,I don’t feel ill- be patient

Doctor,I can’t eat my dinner
Try drinking it

Doctor I’ve got an ulcer on my bunion
Don’t keep showing off

Doctor, the cat bit me
That’s not a cat, it’s a tiger cub
Do I have to die while you carry on about names?
No,I’ll be silent

Doctor I was sick on the TV
Fame at last!
How can I get it clean?
We didn’t do that at Medical School.

Doctor, my wife is expecting a baby
Are Amazon sending it?
No,Hermes, they say between 6 and 9 pm
Well,  make her something nice to eat
I’ll show her the recipe
And she will just show you the food.
Can’t I feed the baby?
Are you transgender?
Not yet but I live in Hope
Go back where you came from
That’s what they said to the Jews and look what happened!
Has God spoken to you?
Yes,but in Yiddish
You can’t expect him to learn English
But he expects us to learn it.
Oh, stop babeling on

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