Why are you not narrow minded?

Mike Flemming 2020 copyright




Why are you paranoid
Well, my mother was.

Why are you Paranoid?
I was born there

Why are you not paranoid?
I have a trust fund

Why are  you sceptical?
I was poisoned

Why are you not  Voting?
I was born in Pakistan   though my dad was Voting.

Why are you Anxious?
My mother lived  with  an Anxy for ages

Am I French?
No,I want to leave.

In my  absence, posts will be written by ghosts
Are they writers?
Well, they  learned to  print well  enough
Can anyone print?
If they have a hand
Well, they can’t have mine
How mean
That’s not a sentence
Alright you can  go to jail for a  year.
Where is it?
Next you’ll be asking for sheets
What else can I print on?
Not my Egyptian cotton,for sure.
I prefer paper
How come?
I  can  offer the back of my hand
But we can’t sell that.
You can put me in a  Gallery
It pays
But please feed me.
You’re on  FB.
Take me down

Why do they stamp on my feet?
They want to post you on a blog
I prefer letterboxes
Or pillar boxes
If they are not salt


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