Is that clear?

People slept in  A & E last night
Sunderland, oh what a ghastly site
I can beat that, my man died
In A & E four years ago,surprised?

He was only there for 18 hours
When he ran out of  any  kind of power
He smiled benignly ,closed his eyes so  blue
I thought, this is the end of me and you

 In fact I did  not realise the truth
The nurse apologised  with bated breath
The cubicle was small but very clean
But not much privacy   for those who scream

So when I  sang   the psalms  the whole place heard
Perhaps they all had nightmares, being scared
No Chaplain came, it’s changed to D I Y
After that it’s  cherries in the sky

After death the patient is  released
From all the tubes and bottles, wonders cease
So then I met the audience outside
Ten doctors listening  to my singing voice

I do not think  a  better death could come
And anyway my precious man was gone
They expressed their sadness  at the lack
Of beds in wards where men could die dumb struck

The papers make a picture that gives fear
It matters not where we sleep,is that clear?



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