Should I comfort you?

What you mean is I should comfort you 
You  are grieving for the man so kind
You miss my husband, that is  merely true

I know the loss has made your  heart feel  blue
 I didn’t realise it  also makes you blind
What you ask is I should comfort you

I wish that you would   find cures for   Chinese Flu
That you would be forced to  change your mind
You miss my only husband,  is that true?

What d’y mean. .. you don’t know what to do?
Don’t ask ,me  for guidance,I’ve resigned
Why do  you ask  what I can do for you?

I only wish that I had married two.
But here   it is not  legal so to bind
You miss my only husband,  will you sue?

Do you write on paper filled with lines?
Do you  feel beneath this ground are mines?
Why do you ask that I should comfort you?
I’m the one bereaved and I am through

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