Thank God, they never freeze

I’m getting some new glasses
To wear upon my head
I think they’re multicoloured
Better red than dead.

I need  a pair of new ones
In case I lose my this pair
I think they are transitional
Does anybody care?

I went to Cafe Nero
I could have been in Rome
The people were so beautiful
I’m reluctant to stay home

Then I went to visit Lorna
A friend with three degrees
She  has orchids on her mantelpiece
Thank God, they never freeze

 I left the heater in the hall
In case the cat was cold
Blacky cannot speak  yet
But he is growing bold

He runs out via the kitchen
When my back is turned
He’s like a  nuclear weapon
So fast he causes burns

I listen to Mr Cohen
I like Jenny Warnes
She sings  his famous songs  again
I feel like I’m reborn

Now it is the weekend
I   like the book reviews
I like to be with my old friend
Forget about the News

I welcome comments and criticism

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