Go well

The brother silenced by disease lies still
Like a cat lies in the hedge awaiting death
Where are his choices, where his powerful will?

Freedom’s an illusion we  distil
He  felt he had  free choices on his path
 Oh,brother  frozen by disease be still

To the strongest , losing choice is hell
But death will come despite our  crashing wrath
There are few choices, little we can will

The lowly lean on God when they are ill
Like  Jesu did, they bear their heavy cross
 Oh brother will   your frozen muscles kill?

Only rich folk ask to be fulfilled
They have  their  own  wishes as their boss
Accepting all we die.sweet animals

He’s left  it late to act , which  man can choose
To  find the  ghostly fire where burns the rose?
The  soul prepares and bears the body
We  only choose  our  attitude , go well

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