Another homeless man dies in SE England

20914686_979558422184036_766692030769882024_nA man died in a shop doorway last night in Chelmsford. He had recently had his larynx removed as he had cancer there.What kind of country is this now?As we wait for the Arctic weather to arrive can we ask our churches and civic centres what they are doing.And what hospital turned out a man with no larynx and no home?

I tried to give my scarf to a homeless man this week.It was a cashmere one I bought for my husband.But this man would not take the scarf.Better if I give it to a Charity Shop or will one of the volunteers “buy” it? I would have been so happy if the homeless man was wearing it but it is hard for poor people to accept gifts.Maybe he thought I looked cold myself.
I am  thinking of this now.

PS If you are an artist,how can you make the eyes look as if they are looking inward at an image in the mind? I am learning how to draw faces and that is what I need for the above.
I suppose it must alter the rest of the face, the muscles etc.It takes a long time to notice and then to learn.
This week we have had some disgusting things happen around London.

The British and my cough

DSC00054I was in a coffee shop today.The service was slow and while I was waiting,surrounded by tables full of other people I suddenly began to cough.
It got worse and I felt as  if I was going to throw up, many tears ran down my face,my bladder seemed tempted to empty.Then I blew my nose and found  it was bleeding copiously.
Nobody took any notice at all!
This is England.I waved my arm and asked for water.Then, being ironical, I apologised to the people sitting near me!
Die in a coffee shop and they will prop you up till closing time.Luckily I had not wet myself,


 I’ve been framed

I’ve been tamed
Well,I’ll be planned!
What’s the rock pucker got to do with me?
I use bed language.
I’ll never stalk a crone again
Study Hell.
Can women tear here?
Well,I hate the way you cook off without me.
A blithering consideration of a man
Rhesus heist.
He was too  aloof.Oh,hell.There’s  always a vexed time
Are your wits oiled?
Do you have any   stinging gasps  in your  trapology?
I don’t want a biblical orange of yew.
So you want to commit deicide? You can’t decide or spell?
Just one litter makes such a difference
She wants manual texts
Oh, Bob’s my wrinkle!
The therapist  said I’m God.Was there a comma?
A love of narcissi blighted his wife.
He said he’d be tanned.
What a tool you are.
I prefer being  schizoid.Men think I’m full of history.
I keep hearing voices,doctor.Pull that ear thing out and kiss ’em
My advice is, avoid slaying women too much
Her daughter is untaught.Oh,her.
Lost your tongue? Buy one,get one free.
What’s a mailed dart?
I use my heart  daily.
Are you him?
Who’s she, the cat’s other?
Why do women dare? I love ten