As close to me as in a marriage bed  

As on this foreign shore I stand and stare
Across the green and foaming tidal sea.
I do not wonder whether life is fair
Nor whether what’s to come is what should be
The hinterland is not a wishful dream
Whatever I meet there is all itself
So useless are past thoughts and present schemes
My courage, heart, and spirit are my wealth.
Although alone, I sense some being close
Whom I accept as guide and friend to me.
To walk with otherness is not my boast.

It’s he who guides and shows me how to see.

Thus with this spirit,I my spirit wed
As close to me as in a marriage bed.

The pathos in your eyes

You revealed the face within your face
Human,lowly,worth less than an ant
The pathos in your eyes made sad my gaze
The other face, defended, has no grace
With it,you appear hard,confident.
Yet you revealed to me your hidden face
You showed me  the suffering of your days
A fear of tragic pasts feared imminent
The pathos in your eyes made sad my gaze
The Lord knows you’re his lamb and sends you grace.
Yet you must hide from men intolerant
You revealed the face within your face
Like Jesus, you were scourged and in disgrace
You wandered feebly,lost, itinerant
The pathos in your eyes makes sad my days
If God exists then would he not embrace
The lost, the lonely,and the  poor vagrant?
You revealed the face within your face.
The pathos in your eyes is our disgrace.

Gravity and Grace

The earth has its own gravity and grace
Perception will develop as we grow
Maintain the sacredness of this dear space

When we live we need to find our place
The process may be long and very slow
The earth has its own gravity and grace

The good and bad both need to be embraced
Grace comes easiest to those who’re low.
Maintain the sacredness of this dear space

Good and bad make patterns as in lace
And through the gaps, the living waters flow
The earth has its own gravity and grace

Life must grow at its own steady pace
By our intuition ,we will know.
Maintain the sacredness of this dear space

Of the fruits of earth, the living taste.
Admire the flying birds from thrush to crow
The earth has its own gravity and grace
Maintain the sacredness of our dear place

How to write a sestina



By Dusty Grein

The sestina originated among the troubadours of medieval France’s Provence region, and the modern thirty-nine line form is attributed to one of these traveling poet entertainers of the twelfth century, Arnaut Daniel. Daniel’s sestina form was admired by Dante Alighieri, who introduced it to Italian poetry as well.

The sestina is one of the more challenging forms of the era, and perhaps that is one reason it is also a very fulfilling form to craft a poem in – especially when it comes together well. Like many French forms, like the villanelle and the triolet, the sestina is very strictly patterned. Unlike these other forms however, the sestina in its original form was not written using rhymes.

Instead it uses a set of six ending-words in six different patterns of six-line stanzas (sestets), followed by a three-line envoi which uses all six of these refrained words. This gives the poem its thirty-nine lines. The sestina is a metered form, and as long as the pattern is maintained any meter may be employed; in the English language, iambic pentameter is the most common meter chosen.


I just don’t believe it



Pray, Father,I give you my blessing
That’s the wrong way round.Never mind.Tell me your original sins.
We don’t have to confess those surely.We are born like that.
I mean I am fed up with boring sins like theft and swearing.
I don’t know if I can think if any sin except I bought my husband some soap called Allure.If it does allure he might be unfaithful and it will be my fault.
Don’t worry about the future.At least he will smell nice in bed.You should get Chanel Number 5
It might confuse the cat in bed.
Why, do you make love to the cat?
No, but the cat sits on top when we do it.
So what’s the problem?
If the cat hates Chanel Number 5 he might leave the room and love without the cat is  not what we are used to
But it’s not a sin!
Oh dear.I can’t think of anything else.
You must try harder
Do you mean to remember sins or to commit more?
Whatever, it gets really boring in here.
Would Jesus say that?
He didn’t speak English.
Won’t he have learned in heaven?
I know on earth everyone online must know English but they have no Internet in heaven.
How can you prove that?
Heaven was  there before it was invented
So was England!
I see what you mean.But if they had the internet it would make them sad to see us being so cruel to the vulnerable.
But only if they knew English!
Well for your penance write to the Council and ask for unisex lavatories.
I thought they were all the same except some have  differet handles.
I mean that there will be just lots of loos for all races, sexes, and genders.You won’t have to prove you are biologically man or woman.
OK, Father and I will keep a diary of my sins online
Will it allow comments
I’ll have to see how I feel.
You feel nice to me.
How do you know?
Because I am your cat.
How did you get in there?
The priest is in love with me!


I was in the doldrums again  this morning
{Is it a department  store?]
I didn’t feel like moving
[Where to ?]
So I said, come on, Mary.
{Is that your invisible friend?]
So I walked down the Shambles.
Then up to the Minster.
Then I said, God , if you exist, do something
So he said, I’m in the Doldrums as well.
{ So he’s read the Ancient Mariner]
So I stood there and suddenly rain fell.
Then he said, oh, I meant that for Egypt
I said, surely you have more?
Can’t you reverse time and make the rain turn into a cloud?
He said, I’m too lazy
[Can God be lazy?]
I said, how come you speak English
[You were rather rude]
He said, do you prefer French?
I said, well they write a good letter.
Do they still use pens?
What for?
What do you think?
You don’t mean?
I never  believed in Freud,
He was ok it was his readers  who were wrong
Did they read him naively?
That’s one way of looking at it.They thought if we all  had sex all the time we’d no longer be neurotic
That was before Hardy WineStain came here.
I agree
Me too!

The spiral

In a  spiral of confusing pain
Memories absent hang on new desires
We  disconnect  from  love and its  cousins

We plunge  to  blackness, we are stricken, maimed
The shock of cold has altered love’s gold fires
To a   blizzard of confusing pain


Some feel guilty; others flush with shame
For this holy love is not for hire
We   must connect, with  skill, the heart ‘s remains

Reckon not, account not, for the blame
Like the falcon in its programmed gyre
Turning, turning in  delusions plain

The red sun gleams, the word is here, unveiled
Dread and woe   make all men into  liars
They disconnect  from  love  and its  travails

Struggling in the stuckness of the mire
In the camps with  boundaries of barbed wire
In  the triumph of the Nietzschean male
We were cursed and culture  was derailed



Oh, dear lady, love me while you can.

I am a kettle made of stainless steel
I am a saint,  for tea  is brewed to heal
And , unlike kettles on an old  coal fire,
I am not dirty nor do I perspire.

My mirrored sides reflect you as you cook.
Look at me and read me like a book
I’m  full of love and hotter than a man
Oh, dear lady, love me while you can.

Superior mother,  yet inhuman  I;
Even electric kettles sometimes lie.
I shall never punish you, my dear
For perfect love like mine shall wield no fear.

All I ask is that you polish me.
For, in between your hands, I  yearn to

A motorway that veered

I saw the light and now I’m acting gay
Spring is  on the wing and birds appear
It is time for   Oedipus to pray

Don’t need no whip, the government  is grey
They’re chased by demons, seems they’ve come up  here,
I saw the light and now I’m feeling gay

Who needs a bed when there’s a load of hay
Bread and cheese and a large mug of beer?
Doubtless, it is time for lions to pray

The piper called and asked us for his pay
The road to hell ‘s a motorway that veered
I saw red lights and now I’m feeling flayed

I bought this lamp for tuppence on eBay
Go to Winder, so we’ll see the mere
Doubtless, it is time for  wolves to prey

My husband sinned and now  he’s being smeared
Just because the milkman was  King Lear
I saw the theatre burn and Macbeth play.
A wheel , oh there’s a  potter with the clay


Hard words:synecdoche



Synecdoche Forms

There are several different forms of synecdoche examples including:

  • A synecdoche may use part of something to represent the entire whole.
  • It may use an entire whole thing to represent a part of it.
  • It can use a word or phrase as a class that will express less or more than the word or phrase actually means.
  • It may use a group of things that refer to a larger group or use a large group to refer to a smaller group.
  • A synecdoche may also refer to an object by the material it is made from or refer to the contents in a container by the name of the container.

Here are examples of each type of synecdoche.

Part to Represent Whole

It is common in our language for part of something to be used to represent the whole.

For example:

  • The word “bread” can be used to represent food in general or money (e.g. he is the breadwinner; music is my bread and butter).
  • The word “sails” is often used to refer to a whole ship.
  • The phrase “hired hands” can be used to refer to workmen.
  • The word “head” refers to cattle.
  • The word “wheels” refers to a vehicle.

Whole to Represent a Part

Using the whole to refer to a part is also a common practice in speech today.

For example:

  • At the Olympics, you will hear that the United States won a gold medal in an event. That actually means a team from the United States, not the country as a whole.
  • If “the world” is not treating you well, that would not be the entire world but just a part of it that you’ve encountered.
  • The word “society” is often used to refer to high society or the social elite.
  • The word “police” can be used to represent only one or a few police officers.
  • The “pentagon” can refer to a few decision-making generals.
  • “Capitol Hill” refers to both the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives.