17426218_201083053714470_7596625126319090795_nIf I came again I’d be a skier
Flying down a mountain with the wind
Flying as if we live  up in the air

I’d like to dance on ice while tenors sang
With my body I thee worship,Lord.
A man  to whirl me round till my ears rang

God dwells in our bodies as they glide
Not when scrunched in chairs,  bent over  books
Holy is the  flesh and soul beside.

Would you like to be a song of joy
Floating through the windows to the sky?
These are thoughts with which I love to toy

If we live with all our senses wide
Nothing else  can make a better life
If I came again, I’d be myself
Grateful  to that life which in me dwells

Human punctures

Human punctures easily repaired
Price no wonder when you’re in despair
Leave your ego and we’ll strip it bare.

Some would puncture God,  or at her tear
Be cognisant of the gorgon stare
Human punctures ,pay and be repaired

Before you leave,I ask you to declare
That you will never at my shadow glare
Leave your ego and we’ll strip it bare.

Now I must  dissect  the older layers
See how deep the hole is, offer prayers
Human punctures ,some can be repaired

Do you love yourself, for humour care?
Does your heart leap  with the leaping hare?
Leave your ego and I’ll strip it bare

If we live, we  must  feel we can play
With words or paint or music in the air
Human punctures, pause here for repair
Leave your ego here, the judge is there

On poetry

The photos were taken at the Weiwei echibition at Blenheim Palace


“To experience poetry is to see over and above reality. It is to discover that which is beyond the physical, to experience another life and another level of feeling. It is to wonder about the world, to understand the nature of people and, most importantly, to be shared with another, old or young, known or unknown.

Originally Published: July 1st, 2015

Ai Weiwei is an artist. He resides and works in Beijing, China. He is an outspoken advocate of human rights and freedom of speech.

How much beauty can a human bear?


This music must caress my inner ear
Taking me to childhood joy and love
How much beauty can a human bear?

The vision of the lighted candles here
A symbol of the starlight far above.
Ah, music will caress my inner ear

God may dwell in those who sense him near
But overlooked , he’s but a clear grey dove
How much beauty can a human bear?

See, God laughs to be revered
As she enjoys the flutter of my glove,
While music does caress my inner ear.

The God who’s true does not depend on fear
But holds the soul as it allows their love
How much beauty can a human bear?

God is here and not at one remove.
And in his grace we each can gently bathe
This music shall caress my inner ear
How much beauty can a human bear?