Because of human stares,  the sky was flushed

Shy of human eye,  the sky was flushed
A rosy red more delicate than grace.
Why, high above the earth, its blood had rushed

By electronic media, light out-pushed
Until we seemed to see a tortured face
Shy of human eye,  the sky was flushed

Towards this  bleed, this rash, the trees rose lush
Like forests of the tropics, they embraced
Where high above the earth, the blood had rushed

Its weight could sink Titanics, even crush.
The moon and stars would, screaming, be effaced
Because of human stares,  the sky was flushed

Too much has risen for the  heavens to grasp
And down the blood will stream .vermilion traced
Downfall follows, hear  our warheads  crash

Well, tell us what exactly is the case
You say an unknown being lost their face.
Where shy of human eye,  the sky was flushed
Why, high above the earth, its blood had rushed




That’s life


One said she was going to gas herself
I told her this North Sea gas won’t kill you
The other imagined sleeping pills
But Valium won’t do it either.
Life is so hard now for hysterical women who are not afraid of God.
They have to walk off a cliff but there are none near here.
So I tell them, that’s life, my dear.
Why not move into a 24 storey tower block?
That will broaden your scope.
While there’s life there’s hope.

This is not it

Impossible to move on because
Between any two numbers
There are infinitely many other numbers.
Time does not consist of equal increments
I saw the car fast moving towards me
And time slowed down, it was ten minutes
Before it hit me.
Elegantly I flew  into the air, second by  infinitely long second
Down below I saw life on a huge TV Screen
I was no longer there.I saw a Hand turning a wheel
Clockwork TV, I knew it.
I was flying orthogonally to the earth
I had a new perspective.No fear
A calm and endless peace held me.
Gravity interfered.Thin as I was,
I was not infinitesimal
Otherwise, I would never have come back
All I knew is, this is not it.
The tortoise won the race.

To imitating men by caring less

16174721_851533688319844_842650217940363345_nWomen won the freedom to conform
To imitating men by caring less;
To political correctness,  dress, reformed

Everywhere the male is still the norm
And that is how we females have to dress
Women won the freedom to conform

Though secretly, we aim now to suborn
Unwilling to admit the weariness
Of political correctness,  dress, reformed

Now it’s  sexual harassment reborn
To admire women, more or less.
We all won the freedom to conform

The book of rules is burned, by gum, it’s warm
Trousers are the “holy” way to dress
For political correctness and a life reformed

No more will matrimony be well blessed
The arts of love no longer are addressed
Women won the freedom to conform
By politically correct new slogans ,arm to arm

But not delivered Saturday unless you pay £3.50 more!

I have bought something and asked to collect from Argos.It is sitting at the Royal Mail depot because today is Saturday and the seller did not look at the website where it is possible with skill to find Saturday is ££3.50 more.
Argos is !/2 mile from the Sorting Office.But nobody can collect the parcel till Monday

From Royal Mail website

Royal Mail Special Delivery [Nothing about SATURDAY HERE]
Guaranteed by 1pm®




It is only if you read further down the page you see Saturday mentioned.


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What else is included?

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Royal Mail Special Delivery
Guaranteed by 1pm® with Saturday Guarantee
100g £11.94
500g £12.90
1kg £14.46
2kg £17.40
10kg £36.12
20kg £53.54


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