Heisenberg was uncertain on principle
He wasn’t sure if Hitler was invincible.
He went to see Bohr
During the war,
But we’re not terribly certain what for.

Heisenberg’s world was certainly fragmented.
His uncertainly thought-out ethics were splintered
If he chose not to see
What went on in Germany
I wonder what uncertainty means?

He couldn’t deny with certainty.
Concentration camps were not a rarity.
But he trembled unsure
Right through the War,
So maybe that’s what uncertainty’s for.

I guess uncertainty was not as bad
As the total denial some of us had.
Painful to tolerate,
And on nuclear bombs to concentrate.
Whilst most certainly wanting Bohr for a mate

An act of utter chastity and perspicacity

There’s many a true word spoken but not heard.4% -p+ = 0
Many a lover is fairly 8|agitated& affeared, adulterated.
We must love one more than we have time and
If poetry needs to %^SW£I7^£( rhyme.]
We must abandon ourselves123 to Divine Providence £$%
If we hope for God to take up residence.;)
All that bitterness, still untold and inrolled
makes pleats in my mind which I cannot unfold.
Did the cooks really boil with wrath
or maybe toil up the path?>:-(
We will never know Hell until it’s too late
To affect our own fate.>:XX Tee hee.
If you ate my photo:no:
Why not make a baked potato turn red=>
You have enough fires
And liars.
What do you expect?
Je no sais zwroufj!7^& and sod off algebra to you too
Topology… that’s no longer new.A crying Zion…lion.
Judah,excuse her.I shall blot her.
him,me confuse,lose and muse.
a clever 8,9 ruse:!::?::.
Keep me in mind
I am not blind.
Poet House Blues…
I used to have green shoes.
Is it still news?”%Hdye9&
Not in my views…
Whatever you peruse
makes my lights fuse.:-/:.
Thank youse
all is misbegotten and then forgotten.
In Llangolen.>:(:oops:
Hoseshoes pass in the night
If you have seconds of sight.Amen%
I got fifteen O levels grade A
What does that say?:|>:XX
mc^%*x£” a” e=mc squared
So I once heard.
Which is more piano?
She was killed in a tunnel…
A road incident
A pure coincidence.
An act of utter chastity.
And perspicacity.
9876 ur minet 4 ever more.
I feel unsore,Stop mincing.

Innumerate, unwise, we fall in love.

Enumerating   all the ways of love
[Impossible, uncountable  they be]
Took too many years of toil, not fun.

And yet, demand for figures carries on
As statistics while surreal are never free
Innumerate, unwise, we fall in love.

And we are not content with just someone
We want the thrill and madness or we flee
We ‘ve had too many years of toil, undone.

The pigeon mates for life as does the dove.
The boredom of humanity we see.
Innumerate, unwise, we fall in love.

And what of God, whom we say dwells above?
To his judgment what shall be our plea?
They say he’s died and so it will not come


There was no obit on the BBC
God is dead and Nietzsche’s on TV
Enumerating  all the  sundry ways of love
Took  many years of toil; it can’t be done




The fly

Waiter, there’s a fly in my eye.
Sorry, sir.I  thought it was dead.It must have flown out of the soup.
What was it doing in the soup?
Looked like the butterfly to me.
I’ll have a stroke if I stay here.
I promise not to touch you , sir.
I might go mad
Don’t worry.We’re all mad.
How do you know?
I have a Ph.D. and  yet I work as a waiter.
But was it in psychology?
No, it was field theory.
Who needs a theory about fields?
That’s just what I thought.
Yet you managed to write a thesis?
Yes ,it’s not hard to write with a pen and paper.
Maybe you don’t understand me.
Let’s visit a field and find out
Find what the fly is doing?
It’s gone
What a shame.I planned to take it home with me.How about you?
I never take flies home with me.
Does your wife object?
She doesn’t like them either.
That makes two of you.
So you can count, then
Thank you so much,uno ,duo,tres,quattore,  kinky, sex
Are you sure it’s sex?
I know it’s septem after
A  long time after for some
Are you one?
No,I am 35 in total
What do you mean?
I don’t know.
That is absurd.
Yes, that’s what Kafka thought.
Don’t show off with me.
You are nothing to write home about.
Do you still write and still have a home?
I’ll have to wait and see.
Don’t wait too long.
Why,is it the end of the world?
Only the known world