Like the dust motes dancing


In our language structures link up words
Sentences are  the first and may  be last
So many lovely friends, he cried, I heard.

To structure modern families seems  hard
We move around for work at such a cost
In our thinking, structures build from words.

Society no longer makes us learn
And our religious feeling has been lost
How to find friends when the structure’s  gone?

In our living, we need  forms to  learn
Yet are they gone, must science take on the task?
In some lives,  the structures  have been burned

Order, pattern, grammar, all in turn
Shape our feelings till we  are possessed
In society, structures support words.

Let no-one from this culture be outcast
Let no-one die  like lepers shunned,alas
In our language, structures link our words.
Humans spoke in sentences we heard.



Our conversation’s more like music than we think
The melody remains without the words.
We improvise in moments from few hints

With counterpoint, we make  harmonic  links
Our speech has echoes of the song of birds.
Our conversation’s more like music than we think

Is our tongue of rubber or of flint?
Some can make us speechless  with their words
Wounded, suicidal, hacked  by taunts

Becoming mute’s a sign of death that haunts
We live without our being, all unspared
Our conversation’s  far more   tragic than we think

We  respond  with silent sorrow to cruel hints
Vulnerable to lack or trapped and tied
From our little landscape, we depart

Our sentences,  our beings, will abide
If we are tuned up well and do not lie
Our conversation’s more like music than we think
We improvise  or die; oh, pointed hints!