Who decodes the angels’ wings, now crushed?

If you’d like to write a villanelle
Try simple rhyming verse to start you off
You need two lines that rhyme and scan as well.

I like Dylan Thomas Celtic’  soul
Do not go gentle, go out very rough
If you’d like to write a villanelle

What’s the topic, whose the need to tell?
Penetrating words like bullets rush
You need good lines that rhyme and scan as well.

In your writing, do the words compel?
You need to read, then haunt a  burning  bush
If you’d like to write a villanelle

Reading feeds you words that shape and mould
While songs  fine music  time will never crush
You need good lines that rhyme and scan as well.

Who can see the fire in god’s  real love?
Who decode the angels’ wings, now crushed.
If you’d like to write a villanelle
You need two lines that rhyme and scan as well.

Snow fell on the sea at Easter time.

It was snowing on the sea at Easter time
We climbed a hill and saw meadows aswirl
North East Norfolk’s never been the same.

We, astonished at the sight, did not complain
Across the sea, red fishing boats set sail
It was snowing on the sea at Easter time

The snow went but the cold and chill remained
We clung together on the bed of nails
North East Norfolk’s never hurt the same.

Of others, strangers, who will call our name,
As up the hills of life, we try to crawl?
Snow shared its cold love at Easter time.

Other years, we knew the sun and rain,
The hawthorn blossomed in the April gales
North East Norfolk  welcomed us again

Life and love are like a vessel frail
The occupants emit their woeful wails
Snow fell on the sea at Easter time
North East Norfolk, history in flames.





Stan and Mary peer through windows.


After dinner Mary and Stan  often went for a longish walk.They liked to go to a road where the richer people  of Britain lived.,where there were some Georgian houses and one Tudor house.
At dusk they would stroll by looking into the lighted windows to see how the rooms were decorated.And if the front garden was large sometimes they crept in to see more
One beautiful  house they liked from the outside was spoiled for Mary by the garish tartan wall paper.
What sort of people would live there, she asked Emile who was in her handbag.with his head peeping out
Well,they have a cat called Percy,he mewed softly.
Why Percy?It is a noble name from the British past of course,she answered…
Earls of Percy were involved in affairs of state.
Well.Percy is Chinese,Emile said to her wittily.
He ought to be called Hu Ar U then,Mary joked ,or tried to as her sense of humor was somewhat lacking or maybe just odd.Still she looked lovely despite her moth eaten clothes bought in Sales in colors nobody else wanted like purple and lilac and bottle green.
She and Stan crept slowly up the garden path and peered  nervously into the empty sitting room trying to identify the paintings on the walls.
All of a sudden, a woman who was completely naked came into the room and lay modishly on a sofa as if she were a trained  dancer.She was a sight for sore male eyes.
Are they about to have a drawing class,Stan whispered.
She must be a model for a Life Class or an abstract woman ,with cat ,if Percy gets into the frame,Mary mused
Percy might scratch her then.Stan muttered.She could scream.
Suddenly a loud voice was booming at them.
What the hell are you doing in my garden?
There stood a big man in plus fours and and an oversized red jumper with matching cheeks
We were admiring your wall paper,Mary said.I think it is very unusual.
He smiled in gratification.
I chose it,he cried.All by my self.
But why is there a nude lady on the sofa,Stan enquired.
I am so annoyed, the man told them.My fiancee likes to walk around nude but she forgets to draw the curtains first.
Does she want to make an exhibition of herself,Stan enquired hopefully.
We wondered if it was for a life class, you know,students learning to draw and become artists of note.
Well,that’s a good idea said Arthur thoughtfully.
The woman got up and came over.She opened the wondow.To their astonishment she was Annie,their neighbour and Stan’s mistress too.Stan might have known but he had kept his face immobile after years of practise.
Fancy seeing you here,Annie whispered creatively in her sweet little voice
I am trying to seduce Arthur but with no success so far  except a marriage proposal.
You need to be more discreet and indirect, said Stan.
If you act like this he will think you are an artist’s model and likely to be featured in the Tate Modern Annual Show of Infamy .Now, would a man like this marry or even sleep with such a woman as you appear to be walking around like Eve before she ate the apple?
I don’t know said Annie but my clothes are all in the tumble dryer,anyhow.
Did you wet yourself? Mary asked her kindly.It’s nothing to be ashamed of.We all do it now and then especially since public conveniences were shut down across the UK.And now ,even coats are machine washable.
Well,I knocked over some lemon barley water in a big jug and so I decided to wash all my clothes. while I was here as Arthur as a tumble dryer
That’s a  very strange tale Arthur told her.You look ravishing hanging out of the window with your nipples pointing up.Let me take a photo of
But will you put it on Twitter,Annie asked anxiously.
No,dear.I am not so cruel.Why don’t you get your clothes and make us all some tea .
I can’t make tea,she yelled and without pausing she dialled 999.
What is it Fire or Ambulance the lady receptionist asked politely?
It’s a kettle.
Is it on fire?
No ,it won’t boil.Can you send Dave the paramedic,please, as he makes good
please, as he makes good tea.
We are quite busy so it may be two hours or more she was told.
I thought this was an emergency service, Annie said.
But who defines what an emergency is? the lady asked her philosophically.
I will die without this tea, Annie informed her in a  ringing tone
Ok , hang up and I will send the ambulance now.
Arthur seemed a little surprised
I have private medical insurance,he cried.But they don’t make tea not even for old people.
Well,in the UK tea has always been   essential to the  National  Health
But it will soon be drying up and we shall get flasks from the dustmen on Sundays instead.
I just don’t believe it, Arthur said and he then passed out on the rug which stood in front of a bookcase full of leather bound volumes of poetry.
Will he  live?Read more tomorrow and pay the price… a few minutes of fun and gaiety.

Make sure to contract me daily.

Photo0692He pointed his astute camera at me
I have a contact camera, it’s a phone too.
My camera is so big, I  have to press the button with my foot.
Meanwhile, Rocky has a fidgety camera.He can’t keep it still for life.
Don’t shoot without warning.Pointing is illegal.By order.
I can put my camera in my locket.That’s a woman’s privilege.
Don’t plug me into your pocket.I have a personal charger in training.
I made some good lead.Well, that was how it felt after I baked it.
Remember to keep wholly on the Sabbath.Sleep the rest of the week
Fasting is cheap till you die.Make sure you don’t grow in a pauper’s grave.
Make sure to contract me daily.
Do phone me gayly.
I love people to fits.
Don’t keep wringing me every hour.
The dog won’t baulk at anything
The cat is laissez affaire.
Well,it said it was an unpacked camera but it’s galling in creases.
I do like to sing as I flirt.

In the kitchen with Stan


Stan had decided to do a some of baking.

The larder was empty
the cupboard was bare
he looked in the cake tin
but nut nothing was there.Sorry about that!
Stan had flour, eggs and sugar and of course milk and butter.Emile was under the table waiting for something to drip out of the bowl!He loved baking days.
Stan had bought a load of blackberries in the market so he was thinking of blackberry tarts, blackberry crumble.
He picked up the bag which seemed very heavy.Putting his hand in …..he pulled out a Blackberry!He went to the market
to buy me some fruit
and now he’s got Blackberries
he’s going to shoot!Annie his next door neighbour was coming to the back door.”What’s up , Petal?”

“Oh, dear.I seem to have made a category error.”Stan answered philosophically.”Well what category would you put me into?” she asked petulantly.
“Why are you so egocentric? Not everything is about you!”He said fluently.
“Well if I’m narcissistic it’s because my infant grandiosity was ruptured too suddenly and I was not held and contained in a suitable manner.”
“You’ve been reading that Wilfred Bion again.” Stan said admiringly.
”No , not just him.It’s some American chap as well.Would you like to read it?”
“No, thanks, I’m finding Julia Segal is more than enough for me.I find Bion is a bit too mystical.I don’t think I can approach you without memory or desire.To be honest, without memory or desire I wouldn’t want to approach you.”
“Wow, ” she said stupidly, her large green eyes staring avidly at him inviting him to fall into their salty sea like depths.
“Shall I ring 999?I can’t think of anything to say.I’m lost for words.”
“Perhaps you have reached that mystical spot beneath language mostly only known to babies, the mad, or meditators?
I do feel a bit mad today

“Is that why you have purple and orange eyeshadow on clashing with your alarazin crimson lipstick and your light beige, but not too light, foundation by Lancome of Brixton and Blackheath,Paris,Rome, and London?”
“I suppose so.” she replied indifferently.I feel as if I’m behind a glass wall.”
“Oh, don’t worry.That’s the new window!” Stan explained courteously.”You really are behind a glass wall.”
“You’ve been reading schizoid processes again on Yahoo,”
“Yes,” she admitted her face blushing violently.”It’s those new people who’ve moved in across the road.They are both psychoanalysts so I wanted to feel up to their level of knowledge.”
“I didn’t know they were psychoanalysts.How did you find out?”

“Well, first of all, there were two large sofas, and then hundreds of knitting needles and a lorryful of wool.And I thought, ”Hello,Hello,It must be one of Anna Freud‘s followers.”
“So have you met them?” he asked laconically?
“Yes”, she confessed animatedly.I went over and said,
“Sprechen Sie Deutsch?”
“And what did he say?”
“Are you all mad round here?”
“So I thought,”You’re not getting hold of me that easily.””
“ I said “I’m sorry to disappoint you but I’m am an admirer of Melanie Klein,”
“Oh, how did they react to that?”Stan quizzed her jovially.
“He was so rude.He said,”Are you telling me you’re a lesbian as well as a lunatic?”

“Oh, dear.No wonder your makeup is all running off your face and disappearing down your cleavage.Why don’t you pop upstairs and have a bath?”
“Well it’s either that or ringing 999“
“My self is totally divided.”

“Into equal parts?”
“I can’t say” she murmured.
”Oh,well” said Stan “you sit there with Emile and I shall make a Victoria sponge and a lemon drizzle cake without the lemon…I’ve only got bananas and they don’t drizzle.

“Why not adapt to reality and make a banana loaf?”
“Is that wise?” Stan inquired.
”Wise or not, it seems to make sense.” she whispered coyly.”Get a move on or Mary will be back on her Raleigh shopper bicycle and there’ll be no cake for tea.”Thank you, honey.”Stan replied.“I am filled with memory and desire.”
”And quite right too,”mioawed Emile from his basket.”I’m like that every night!””And so are all of us, ”Annie twittered on one of Stan’s blackberries.

No wind to destroy peace nor rain to flood

A mood of stillness like a nesting dove
A lack of wind, vast silence gives repose
Symbolises blessings from above.

These trees mature now form a holy grove
The sorrow ruling me has been deposed
To give me stillness with the nesting dove

In such moods, there’s space to think, compose.
To learn the ways of energy and love
Symbolised by blessings from above.

In the crowded Mall, some shoppers shove
The special mood of peace then us eludes
We lose the sense of silence and the dove

In public life, we quarrel and oppose
We lose the way to  our loved treasure trove
We lose the symbols and the deep repose.

Give me your hand.without its heavy glove
As we caress,  to love we do allude.
A mood so stilled, oh, fluttering of the dove
No wind to destroy peace nor rain to flood