The funny way we dress


I have observed a  lot of changes in women’s clothes.I have been asked aggressively why I wear a skirt [it’s easier to wee in fields].I have been told off for making bread even when I taught maths which was in itself an encouragement to females.
What makes me laugh is how we wear new fashions.You may have notice cropped trousers have become the latest thing.However, if you wear horrible old socks of grey nylon you may not look very good.You can’t just wear one new item, your whole outfit has to match.Otherwise, save money or buy longer merrier socks or wear bare feet.
Why would we want to wear jumpsuits?Very hard to wee if you have one on!Maybe one has to wear a nappy?
Otherwise, as everybody else is wearing their pyjamas in the town centre do whatever you like .Public space has disappeared.We are all in little bubbles on our phones.We don’t mind what anyone else looks like

With buttercups so bright the memory lasts

midsummer days evoke  the entrancing past
where children played in joyous, daisied fields
with buttercups so bright the memory lasts
a freedom that our conscious growth will steal.

those stones and leaves and many coloured flowers
were gathered into images that glow
yet later we forget those treasured hours
when for a while we lived in life’s deep flow

we did not look and see, but felt at one
we lived as did the birds high in the trees
now we see and write yet unity has gone
we  cannot be  like flowers well filled with bees

to lose ourselves in nature is a joy
which to our adult selves we must restore

Elusive inner presence, other me 2

Elusive inner presence, other me,
Those bubbles on the water surface tell
Of life we cannot  speak about  nor see

We have many layers, currents pulled
Dynamic, swaying, living, dark unquelled.
Elusive inner presence, other me.

The philosophers like Langer will agree
A symbol is as deep as any well.
With life we barely  speak about  or see

A mermaid’s tail may flicker from the sea
The  rhythm of waves our senses well compelled
Elusive inner presence, other me.


Humanity is like  a living tree
If one leaf falls there is no plangent bell
For what  we cannot  speak about  nor see

A coat embroidered three dimensionally
Will seize our eye and heart and soul as well
Elusive inner presence, other me.

The inner one  must live in privacy,
Betrayed by none in marvelled secrecy.
Elusive inner presence, other me,
A life we  barely speak about  or see



Are some things unknowable to scientists?



“The total amount of information accessible to us in the Universe is finite, and hence, so is the amount of knowledge we can gain about it. There’s a whole lot left to learn and a whole lot that science has yet to reveal. But some things we will likely never know. The Universe may yet be infinite, but our knowledge of it never will be.”

This thoughtless country’s going down the drain

This thoughtless country’s going down the drain
The PM ‘s like a  cat which died of shame
Some chose Leave and others chose Remain

We’re going down a new and unknown lane.
Each group says the other one’s to blame
This thoughtless country’s going down the drain.


All is black and white and all is aimed;
Seems our paranoia can’t be tamed.
Some chose Leave and others chose Remain


Our sense of self and love seems to be maimed
But this  is real and culprits can be named
This crazy country’s going down the drain.

We need to learn to think and muse again
Meanwhile, we  all reason do disdain
Some chose Leave and others chose Remain


Who believed the workers would be tame?
Austerity has made  our minds well lame
This  thoughtless country’s going down the drain
Professionals leave and flustered Brits remain