Please do not sleep on my head

Please wear a frown in bed,especially when harried for more than than ten years.
Please keep your head bevelled.
Please do not sleep on my head.
Please keep your stare on all night and every right.
Please use the bathroom for writhing in.
Please have clean sex everyday, especially on Sundays.
Please change your underwear gaily.
Please ask before playing on my nerves
Please  get smashed before your mother comes to stay
Please wash your aunts every night, especially in summer time.
Please feed the bat on schedule.
Please keep the hog off the bed
Please take your anti-riot pills handy and do finish the coarse and smooth out the mirrors
Please keep your cuneiform safe and bound.
Please wear a cat when out of doors.
Please carry your loves  everywhere in winter.
Please take your trews off before entering.
Please be a delight at all times.
Please play chess alone as you are too clever for me
Please do not let your roes glow.
Please remember you are not abreast.
Please nip envy in the blood.
Please use your body as I would.
Please do not get into a double bind unless over the age of consent.
Gregory Bateson.I’ve never heard of him!
What is a double bind anyway?

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