Hineni, Hineni

Leonard Cohen died
Ronald  Trump rose
Leonard Cohen mused
Ronald Trump lied
They’ll be singing in heaven
They’ll be singing in hell.
Hineni, Hineni
Sing for your soul

Oh, Jesus Christ died
And he rose as well.
That story’s  better
An idiot can tell.

Were we misled
And the devils all yelled
Gotchya all,babies.
The whole world is hell.

Well,does it get better
Does it get worse?
Europe is shattered
By a serial curse.

30 million people
Killed by the King
Hitler and Stalin
How can we sing?

Russia is moving
America’s bust.
Keep hold of your spirits
Let the children  out first.

The instinct for death
The instinct for life
Keep your card handy
You can’t use it twice.

Dignity’s own dance

What did she convey when she moved thus
A branch of willow bending to the lake?
So eloquent the gesture,with no fuss;
So brief , yet   there,  an image I could take.
We dance with gestures, often seen and shared;
With awkwardness as  over desks we’ve bowed.
Yet in these movements , our deep self is bared
And  given dignity when  none’s allowed
For as there is no name for this, our form;
No vigilante’s listed it as sin
And so our human dance goes on and on
From what is now and what  once might have been.
We are all partner’s in the earthly dance,
From serendip to  glorious happenstance