I have tried in my way not to flee

Grey Tube Shelter 1940 by Henry Moore OM, CH 1898-1986
Grey Tube Shelter 1940 Henry Moore OM, CH 1898-1986 Presented by the War Artists Advisory Committee 1946 http://www.tate.org.uk/art/work/N05706

Like the words of a liar
Like the  demons in a midnight sewer
We’ve  all tried ,in our way, not to be.
Like the girls  who despair
Like  wet wood in a midnight fire
We have tried many ways not to see
Like the twists of all  liars
Like a hank of midnights dire
We have tried and have failed to set free.
Like St Joan in the fire
Like an old lag in  a prison cure
I have tried, in my way, not to flee

Like the words of a liar.


Like the words of a liar
Like a  drunk in a midnight sewer
We have tried ,in our way. not to be.
The USA have  opted out of  respiration.
For too long, they worried on
Don’t breathe for them,Carolina
“Enhance”  truth to the ends  above
A hard pain’s gonna wail.
[The  hard pane’s  writ in braille.]
Life is what happens when reason’s making other demands.
My sweet bard.Realty wanna owe you.
Wednesday mourning.
Plenty pain  is in my tears from out my eyes.
Lover,lover ,who to bother?
Kyrie Eleison,Greek won’t save the Union.
Did Jesus have a rabid twister?
Beware of Jung’s pearls
A Freudian slip brings up lingerie profit.Thanks, Mark
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