The new Catholic Arrival.

  • A catechism  for liars
    The Jerusalem rivals.
    She reduced them to idols.
    A catechism for tryers
    A cataclysm of tyres.
    A catachumen  of  squires
  • Bare crones were all they had
    Barely alone in bed
    Rare phones  on my iPad keep calling me mother
  •  He was bare-faced   and  hairless
    She found him on the bypass
  • Barge Inn .No canoes allowed.No canoodling by order.
  • Parking  is sad when alone.Rent a companion tonight.
  • Parking up the wrong  tree again?
  • A worn  miner deified her.Queen of the Coke
  • Heroine of  briefs.Always worn out.
    Heroism is  wreathed
    Heroin is   the  theif
  • Casket Vase: keep your loved on on the sideboard
  • Brass  passwords are next.Pass.
  •  He sat on   her eyelid all night.
    She batted his  sighs back
    Drat, the  diarrhea’s underground
  • Baited to death
    Waiting for breath.
    Say it,he’s left

Dreams, my wordless thoughts.

I have  filled my mind   with  dreams   and thoughts
I have drawn conclusions  that seem real
What’s of  value’s not by effort bought.

As Ted Hughes said,  his fishing was the sport
Which brought both meditation and a meal.
I have   studied minds   and  dreams   and thoughts

You see ,like that,   new images are caught.
In silence and in noticing  the feel
What’s of  value’s not by effort bought.

What we find may not be what we sought
At  first ,it may not show its wise appeal
I have  found a  mind  by  dreams   and thoughts

In the night the images  take flight.
God’s lioness  destroys what  is  congealed
What’s of  value’s not by effort wrought.

Like a butterfly, a flowering dart
Of love and beauty  which was once concealed
I have  found my mind  by  dreams, my  wordless thoughts.
What’s of  value’s not by effort bought.

In the company of beasts

I am trying to write a pantoum.The cursor keep jumping so if I disappear I shall be with that…



Another winter, come  so soon has shown
That I survive despite  the sharpest pain
Such solitude as this I’ve rarely known
And yet I’m here and so I shall remain

That I survive  accompanied by  pain
By grief and anguish sharp as knife to heart
And yet I’m here and here I shall remain
This flickering candle’s light will not  blow out

By grief and anguish sharp as knife to heart
I suffer in the company of beasts
The flickering candle’s light survives  my doubt
Late after Nazareth, came the Holy Feast.

Life is only known  when  we  can live
In solitude as  that I ’ve grown to love
As  tranquil consolations, it shall  give
Despite fierce  winter,comes the holy dove
Despite fierce winters, we   believe ,we  love.

And scarlet cheeks now decorate my face

When shame has fallen on me like a curse

And scarlet cheeks now decorate my face;

Are manners failures and not evil worse

So cast a person out from their right place?

To disappear from here is all I wish

To hide myself beneath a beggar’s cloak.

To eat soup from a convent’s dish.

As in my own familial haunts they joke.

Guilt can be expiated and redeemed

But shame destroys the deepest source of self.

What helpful measures may now intervene,

Cover my shied face, restore with health?

Is it only I who see my plight?
Imagined laughter hides me from daylight.