I can’t breathe with you , my doom.

Foster Bible Pictures 0067-1 Moses Is Holding ...

Foster Bible Pictures 0067-1 Moses Is Holding Up His Rod (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pin Index Safety System

Pin Index Safety System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Grass (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn)

Pin Index Safety System

Pin Index Safety System (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Has crime harassed your lies?
Wracked bladders are too good mannered.Don’t hang on,he urged me.
Sated with breath he put his lungs on standby as we got  laid in a field
Baptism by liars sets you up for life on earth.

Safety Pin Spinnerbait with a tandem blade con...

Safety Pin Spinnerbait with a tandem blade configuration; a Colorado blade mounted ahead of an Indiana blade. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Communion with the quaint is a beginning and confirmation is another gnostic reminder.
Do we need seven acrimony’s anymore?Sacrament,we lament.Who shall repent?
Beauty is wry for the beholder
Loyalty is like a safety pin on a tiger’s head.
Now we need to be paranoid and the calm are the mad of society.
A fig tart helps one to care less and end consolations in the bathroom
Do you tease me in your heart?
Does my heart taste good since you cooked my goose?
He was depriving me daily so I sleep with him annually instead
Endless sentences issued from his finger tips as he slept leaning over the keyboard.His unconscious never heard of a semi-colon or a
black dot that one might fall down unwittingly
Every dog has his day and he has a dog’s dinner every night.Is that enough or do we need Deconstructing?
Everything’s coming up wearing pantyhoses.Modest plants
We fell wed over a meal in an Inn.Not out!
Sin falls through the lax
I fan old flames till they disperse
Grass is always more seemly on the brother’s side of the road
I hang in a chair
Saying have a heart implies you have one that’s disconnected but suppose he has none?
A heart breaker struck me down in the desert.He felt sorry for himself he agreed.He thought he was playing pass the parcel but doom is still scaring him…even after sharing it by force
heavy heart
i can’t breathe with you in my room
i can’t live without your absence
i love you more than a pickled beetroot but not that much
in the nick of a rhyme he came and went at once or maybe twice
Sweep your chin up if nothing else
Missing the rose he peed on the daisy chain… then he pulled it.Who’d to blame?
Looking into his heart I saw nothing,not even a space.Howzat?It’s not cricket.

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I like art, poetry,history, literature,cooking,doing nothing to music.And conversation
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