Sonnet on washing day

First mew phome pics 005I love to read your poems in the night
And see each sentence frame a new born thought.
I often am in darkness not in light,
Like yours my memories are hardly caught.

The cat sits in patient joy upon her chair
The fire glows golden red ,I watch the smoke.
Some days I’m here and sometimes there.
My mind from trouble wishes to elope.

The washing gurgles in the old machine
When special christmas garments meet the soap.
Is this true life or am I but a dream?
In someone’s mind perhaps my image floats.

For nothing is so sure in life as death
Enjoy the alternations of your breath

Christmas: beating children for not eating

A calander showing the Xmas day
A calander showing the Xmas day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

One of my brothers told me that when I would not eat turkey at Xmas when I was 8,our mum made our oldest brother beat me for wasting her money though I am sure my brothers would have eaten it.

I am shocked .. it seems sadistic