As honeysuckle on the walls, In joy’s sweet arbours does grow tall.


They lay down in awe and fear,
Of what their love was bringing near.
They gazed into each other’s eyes
And so did rhapsodise.

They lay down to gaze into
the eyes and soul and heart so true.
They gazed until,when overcome,
They were united into one.

Their souls and bodies were conjoined,
And thus their hearts were well entwined;
As honeysuckle on the walls,
In joy’s sweet arbours does grow tall.

Their loving lips and eyes and hands
Gave pause to time’s soft flowing sands;
And while they touched and gazed so long,
The birds sang out in glorious songs.

The eyes are mirrors to the soul,
and love will make us grow more whole.
Gaze lovingly on humankind..
And hold care in your mind.

No aphrodisiac ain’t of much use

She was built like a brick shithouse

Ya,born with a silver spoon in her mouth

Her momma was an old  brown mouse

And her pa was  just a slimy louse.


She was built like a slick coalhouse

Where black birds used to roost.

Her brother had  gone for ten ego boosts

Her sister let all hell break loose.


She was in for life with those spooks

A horror in every nook

Her ma never learned her to cook

She ain’t never even read a book.


No aphrodisiac ain’t  of much use

When the Furies are on the loose

Do what you can to cook thet goose

Ain’t  so good to blow your own fuse.