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My Life as an Artist (2)

I am very fortunate to live in a lovely part of London…I might add in a modest, one bedroom flat, however the area is fabulous allowing for the best of all worlds.   

This photograph (not mine) was taken in Bushy Park this past week….



I mentioned in yesterday’s post that Hampton Court Palace was just five minutes from where I live.   Bushy Park, sits immediately north of the Palace andy in the 16th century it was King Henry VIII’s deer hunting ground.    

The roaming herds of Red and Fallow deer that populate the park today are ancestors of the deer that Henry hunted.



Bushy Park is the second largest of London’s eight Royal Parks, and I for one am so grateful for these beautiful places that are protected by the Crown.     

Living in London, or visiting the Capital can sometimes be overwhelming…

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A new author for me:Kenneth Gergen

Gergen faceGergen

Ihave been reading his earlier book,The Saturated Society which I also strongly recommend.I found it good reading and I now know what post modernism  is about for better or worse.He can be very funny too When trlating his personal experiences.If you can get these from your library you will be intrigued.And his prose is great too.

I am learning so much.

A plunesh bull in a kitch
A plunesh bull in a kitch


And laughing too

What love has loss revealed?

 An old poem



When I saw you waiting in that cafe
I knew you would be mine.
You were handsome, smiling,funny..you were specially designed.
You looked like men I’d only dreamed about in all those years before.
I’m so broke up,so broke up;you don’t love me anymore.

I saw you on the station as I came from out the train.
You wore an old green parka to protect you from the rain.
I wanted to be one with you,to make a Love entire;
But all you did was give me       pain too bad be endured

You walked away so quickly,I could not see you long.
I wish I had a big guitar to draw you back with song.
I looked at where you disappeared;what love has loss revealed?
I wish I could just lay down on this floor and keep my face concealed.

Railway stations sadden me, for I know we’ll never meet .
I won’t cry more ,for tears are running almost to my feet.
I walk fast looking straight ahead past that entrance gate,
I pretend that you have missed your train,that work was running late

I count from one and one up to a thousand and many more–
But I know for sure it's far too late; you have closed that heavy door.
You are hiding in a dungeon
You are covered with white steel
But I know you had a heart and you must surely feel.I lost all my illusions, and then I lost some more.
I wish I could lay down and die,right here on this floor

How To Use Music And Art Being A Leisure Strategy Relaxation

I like the ideas


The ability of art causes a calm frame of mind, this can be a well-known fact. It’s no use mentioning that the capacities of any beautiful object, be it a flower, a painting, an item of music, a film or even a well-written guide, help us let go all the mental poison and the daily preoccupations. Art and music have the strongest ability to lead us to your meditating path, to produce that condition in which we ignore our doubts, anxieties, problems at work, with the forms, with the mother-in-law.

Music?? The Driving Noise

Imagine a scented space, in which blends combine only to make even more perceptible to the senses the barely audible music that seems to come from the otherworld. Imagine that this music is the one sang by the angels, imagine the notes, the interest that was put while being created. Music should indeed be because it…

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