I took out a new lease on his wife.She’s an agony plant

Husbands & Wifes
Husbands & Wifes (Photo credit: nerosunero)

=She has nerves on wheels,

He’s a male biter despite her

She got a male writer for Xmas.He was faking it as they got laid.So there was a sense of anti-climax
As naked as a ladybird.she has no shame but she got spots all over her face.Did she deserve it?
As wicked as they say when you had horns.
Near and dear to my tart was a cream jug filled with hot gravy.It was only a treacle tart to me but to her it was a hot dinner
Necessary evil is good
Rapacity under the cover of  contention
Nerves  have weals
Who was as nervous as a cat on a hot thin woof?
I am as nervous as a naked Serbo-Croat in a room full of people who speak only Franglsh
Never pull off tomorrow what you can ease off today.Start slowly by taking off your shorts.Keep your hair on!

If you never get dressed,you need never undress.How about a bath a day?

I took out a new lease on his wifeShe is frilled.

Can any man police my wife?

You are my ruby,my little JoobieIt was only a google doc to me,but to him it was a hole in the heart
Nice guys finish  off  with the women and the women are full of grate
They are like a fright a day in that office.They can’t use Word,they hate Office suite and now they have burned the Zoho Docs.I never saw anything so like you in all my horny prayers .

He bought me an apron for Xmas so I fried it for his dinner.That will do the trick… next year he may give me a sausage.

And no,I never made a  Freudian slip in my wife.

He wants to borrow my life!

Cliche (Photo credit: Vermario)

He thinks dreams are the elixir of a wife….. not that he was ever conscious in the true sense of the Word.

What was the Incarnation?Was it long life milk?

Why does bread rise in one hour?

Put that in your wife and joke about it!

George Steiner

Theatrical masks of Tragedy and Comedy. Mosaic...
Theatrical masks of Tragedy and Comedy. Mosaic, Roman artwork, 2nd century CE. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Dionysos mask, found in Myrina (now in Turkey)...
Dionysos mask, found in Myrina (now in Turkey). Terracotta, 2nd–1st centuries BC. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do the identifications with fictions, the inner, tidal motions of pathos and libido which the novel, the film, the painting, the symphony unleash within us somehow immunize us against the humbler, less formed, but actual claims of suffering and of need in our surroundings? Does the cry in the tragic play muffle, even blot out, the cry in the street?