Pixlr and Microsoft Paint

I use these and artweaver free

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Two programmes you can use to produce media assets for your game are ‘Pixlr’ and ‘Microsoft paint’. Pixlr is obviously the more advanced of the two but both are very much usable and both are free.


Pixlr is an online based tool. It’s very in depth when it comes to choosing the ratio of your canvas and brush, since there are so many to choose from. Paint on the other hand is offline and a much more basic in terms of brush choice, there is only one brush and one pencil, you can change the thickness and colour but that’s it. But it does come pre downloaded on every Windows computer so it’s easy to find and convenient if you don’t have internet and you have to make something quick.


Pixlr, as I said is more advanced, there are a plethora of brushes and tools to use. Blenders…

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Live without fear

English: Primal Fear Live at Hirsch in Nurembe...
English: Primal Fear Live at Hirsch in Nuremberg at 2007-12-18 Deutsch: Primal Fear bei ihrem Auftritt im Hirsch in Nürnberg am 18. Dezember 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I  can live very well without you

I feel less lonely now

I can be who i am discreetly

Safe from your u


I like to have space for.my dreaming

And growing pink cyclamen.

I shall nourish my garden freely

And write with my ancient blue pen.

I like to meet friends in a cafe

Talk with no critical ear.

I loved you before i knew you

But now i can live without fear

Currently reading when pussy lets me

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Silver Thoughts

ImageMy Unwritten  Books  by  George Steiner…I am enjoying this much more than when read his work ten years ago

The Golden Baby          by  Margaret Drabble…….Good but  too similar to all her later works.

How it all began   by Penelope Lively…Wonderful like all her books

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