Almost the beginning of July 2010

  • Incidentally at the mall” – Counting Sales

    “Anarchy in the Class War.” -Police Bristols

    “Along Comes Trouble.” by W.Grout

    “Captain Slacker” -Billy Joe

    “Capello of Limes” -Dixie Jupp

    “China Cup” -Market shop

    “Dearest biscuit,I’ll eat you now!: Recipes for lovers ” by Kate Bakestate

    “Desperanto…the new language” By K.Saythwaite

    “Loved her rarely but well..I cannot tell”.. Blindman and his Aunt

    “Everyday is People’s Day” Ms.Dina Moll in song with 1000 others

    “Elena and Quisling.Espionage ans me.” by A,Narcissistic-Thwaite

    “Exquisite Red Guy” by K.Marxthwaite

    “Wednesday Evening at 10 oclock…..she’s home again” by the Gnatthwaites

    “Will you kiss me tonight with a scone?” by A.Farmer-Wifethwaite

    Are you bard?
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    The bard in your yard

    Oh,get me the lice and the wits
    Do get a gloom,Kierkegaard
    I’ll fit the bard in sideways
    I get all perked up
    I bough him hear plugs
    We get back up on the Morse code to practise the Enigma Variations
    I get creamed doubt in Lidl’s
    To get flush….steal honey from cranks
    I get frowns free..Frownsaver and Frownexpress
    Go Magnetic…so pathetic
    I get flossed by a dentist
    I get laid by my therapist6.
    I get paid by the prank…
    What a day for the Manx
    When do get my personal massage?
    Are you stiff yet?
    Throw out the fudge cake and get me a stake.I’m a ghoul around men.
    I am a ghost and I live in the closet.
    Let me do it on the highway

  • Do handle me with no gloves…skin on skin
    Your hand’s on my that Y’s?
    My handwriting is on the crawl again
    You are as handy as a locker on a the bottom of a bee.
    Llease cling on in there…you need to be here now
    She stranded me on a whim
    I hang on to every recurring decimal.Infinity is us.
    She framed him and he’s on the wall now,looking very handsome
    I am as happy as a jar of jam in the freezer
    Give me a spark or I’ll have no old flames
    He’s a glad sight at night
    He was hardly parted.. the comb is so sharp.
    Oh,see!A shop for bards… poems to your waist
    I find your dinner is not till tomorrow
    He has the brain of a hare at LSE

    Chaste makes waste….get laid now or forever travel on Virgin.
    Hate in hand
    I ate his lamb chops with relish…well,I just had some new potatoes as well.

    Do you have a heart in your mind?

    In that case.. always be kind.

    I love her Art.. it’s a pleasure to be traduced like that.

    Let’s improvise,it’s time for my annual embrace…

  • Clock on the mantelpiece beats, like my heart;

    More regular,not affected by emotion,vision,thought.

    Cats stand proudly in their grey stone bodies

    As if at the entrance to some other inner world.

    The heating comes on with a bump,

    and suddenly darkness has come to earth.

    Clock,clock forever beating,

    Will my heart outlast you?

    Will you tick for someone else?

    Though strong in silver case

    You feel nothing.

    Give me another heart instead,

    to share my feelings.

    Let another heart beat alongside mine,

    and we’ll be tuned in unison,

    Singing our song of love

    or heartbreak.Human,made of flesh

    We will drop like leaves

    Still hell’s clock beats steadily

    controlled by,not love,

    but radio waves.Imagine now

    these waves multi-layered across the earth

    carrying shopping lists,time,date.

    whilst we go on living ,

    our hearts fluttering like a cloud of butterflies,

    see they go on

    how the colours smile…

    love is a butterfly changing the weather a million miles a way.

    Think it this way


    There’s many a true word spoken heart to heart
    We must love till we click off
    May I ask your advice?
    Keep weeping… then you won’t need to pee.
    I’m getting kissed in the mornings.
    I’m parasite…I’m attached to the Earth
    I was reborn in Jesus’ arms..he’s a midwife and he’s so good.
    Two rewrites make for much better work
    Ride on the sea in a pea green boat.You may see little pussy out there.
    We wish you a fairy Christmas and a very gay Year.
    Happy worth day to you;self love is quite free.
    Don’t take such a small feel of your arms.
    On the seventh day, God jested
    God feasted.
    God sussed
    God,is he watching?

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