I’ll be loving a ewe,always.

Irony is tyranny to the simple

Where did you roam?

Bechstein,Einstein,Feinstein a Lifetime of,too many rhymes. drove me crazy

I caught schizophrenia from the Government helpline.I was on it for 7 hours.Then I went totally off it.and fell into many disconnected pieces.I am a jigsaw waiting for the Lord.

A pattern a day keeps the typewriters away.

I hear voices under my bed.Are they bugs?

Someone  strong is watching  over me to make sure my paranoia doesn’t get better..

Does paranoia annoy you?

Annoy me and forever be a four letter turd.

I’ll be loving a ewe,always.

I’ll take you to Rome again,in your dreams.

I caught a cold in the shopping center but I could not arrest it..

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