I wish that you were here

I wish that you were here

I wish you were still living
I wish you were still here
I was making you a cup of tea
You were sitting near

I put it down beside you
On the table top
But before we could drink it
We heard a heavy knock

The woman came in boldly
With a spirit black and sheer
She wanted to assess you
But Death had come with her

Death was dancing like her shadow
She was its chosen host
You never drank that cup of tea
That’s what hurts me most

For a married couple
Sitting side by side
Having a nice cup of tea
Is nothing to deride

Meals and drinks form structures
For the sick and frail
You were happy in your old brown chair
I feel that I have failed

I should have kept that woman out
I see her mocking face
Death hid itself just by the porch
She left me here defaced

Eight days later on the phone
She heard my quivering voice
Told me to get therapy
Mourning is for ghosts

We cannot grieve and weep these days
For all emotion’s wrong
We need to be schizoid
Our affect flatly flung

Come back,John, and have your tea
I’m still warming the pot
If that woman comes again
I’ll baptise her with the lot

I miss you, how I miss you!
I only have your dust
I keep you in my heart for sure
I miss the love and trust

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