A visit to the care home

My art

Annie and Mary I decided they must go back to Rose house before they return home.

How to ring the bell because the door was not left open n caset any of these imprisoned old people who wish to escape and run to the bus stop just outside. It was probably a mistake to have a care home so near to the bus stop.

Maggie was pleased to see them and ask for a cup of tea but the carer said that there were only two of them on duty so that they had no time to make anybody tea.

In the next room to room to Maggir was a woman called Elaine who was 95 years old

One day Elaine had asked Maggie did you think it was better to have dementia or to remain as she was with a normal brain.

Was Elaine thinking that you get privileges if you are demented?

Please don’t pretend that you’ve got dementia because we think you’re going to be able to be screaming a lot more than you do already because they don’t give extra help to those people.

One day I heard them saying to June, you aren’t the only person in here there are 14 other people on this floor

You do not get one to one care here. You have to go somewhere else for that

Oddly although they knew that this poor woman was demented they talked to her as if she was rational and if she was shouting and screaming they would tell her to stop because if she had contol.

And who knows what goes on when she is alone in that room with a member of staff because if they accuse them of doing something wrong they have no evidence.

Like I told him a story, one night the nest brought round my medication and I said where are the three pink tablets?

She said you don’t take pink tablets. Just a minute yes you did take pink ones but they’ve changed to White now.

I took them and swallowed them and then I was very nervous because I didn’t really believe that story and asked to come back to show me the box but she didn’t hurt one out to see the color.

I didn’t make a formal complaint and luckily at no harm with them but when I did discussef it with someone in management they said that it was probably my bad eyesight that made mr6 think it was the wrong colour but if you’re always being pink up to then and it went back to pink the next day and it’s been pink ever since

If they were slightly more mature they would realize that defensiveness is a weakness and it has happened on other occasions and the nurses each said to me thank you very much for telling us that. You are a very clever woman.

You don’t have to be very clever to know what your medication is like when you’ve been taking the several years

Very surprised to hear this story, Annie and Mary nearly burst into tears.

I’m sorry Maggie said maybe I shouldn’t have told you.

No no you were quite right to tell us and I’m going to phone you every week when I go back to knittingham.

Maybe you could imagine that you are an anthropologist visiting a different culture and you can make notes about anything that seems interesting or frightening or worms and then we’ll come up and if a few weeks just for the weekend and you can give them to us or if you can do this on your tablet you can email it to us as if you my email address



And if you want to know more about this you can get the book

Teach yourself how to be an anthropologist in 50 steps

As Annie and Mary returned to the hotel never much quieter than there have been when they’re left and Emily was having a rest work up to see these two anxious faces staring at him.

Butt sometimes life is terrible

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