Annie and Mary discus politics on the beach

Mary and Annie went on the beach at Aldeburgh. The beach is mainly shingle. At dawn they have seen the fishing boats going out

I don’t like walking on a shingle,Mary announced it was a truth as if it was a truth like the discovery of gravity

Well Annie said, we both need some extremely good trainers. But we can’t get them here and anyway we’re going home soon. Why don’t we walk on the promenade instead of on the beach?

Well I like to walk along the very edge of the sea and hear the pluck and knock of the tide.

Do stop showing off. I have read Look stranger on this island now by WH Auden.

So have I said Mary and it’s one of the few poems I can remember by heart.

That’s fortunate said Annie because you might get sent to prison for plagiarism.

Apart from you no one else has heard me saying the pluck and knock of the tide.

I expect they’ll see it on your blog.

Who knows that I’ve got a blog Mary asked foolishly?

You will be surprised said Anna.

Last week someone in Iraq was reading it. I don’t suppose they have read Auden unless they are a professor of English literature. That’s a possibility. Will I need to issue an apology?

Yes or the Conservatives will put you in jail.

Well I’m definitely not going to vote for the Conservative party at the next election.

And so say all of us

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