I’m not sure what it means

A holy stone is good for a rest or to throw at a pest.
Too many dirty books caused me to need a wash and get really tense!
Flask’s are not what your auntie can fill for you, but you can do one for your auntie if you are a pest.I mean pressed.
I was asleep at the spinning wheel trying to beat a record for the longest tale in the world.I misread it..longest tail in the world.Oh, what dead luck.
Why does the ass face backwards?
Pass the tea bag over the kettle to flavour the theatre
At the back of Dawn stood a very big bad bald man
At the flop of a hat he jumps into bed
At the eleventh power failure she went over the edge and I had a very nervous breakdown on my hands.I p ulled her back from the brim of the coffee mug as she wished to drown her sorrows
I was at the far end of my mope when the priest called out for wine..They used to drink tea once but they now say tea was never mentioned in the Bible.As for cappuccinos… do you think Jesus would have did what He did if he was in Starbuck’s. all morning? See,that’s what thinking does for you.So stop now
At the end of the day coffee keeps you awake all night choosing the hymns for your funeral.
At the bend in the book-keepers’ folder was a gold coin.Father Xmas left it for him,so he said
At the last minuet I’d like to be alone with my own soul or a fried sole
She made me eat the witch’s sandwiches.They were pearlicious.But the witch is now malicious which bodes ill for the New Year not to mention the full moon.What is it full of anyway? Ll

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