Look back in Anger


Why did Jesus cross the road?
To look back with anger.

For what did Jesus save us?
Because his 64 GB SD card was empty.

Why did Jesus curse that fig tree?
It stopped him seeing across the road.

Why did Jesus not use a bus?
He said it was unfair to asses and donkeys

Why did Noah leave the Ark?
Because the two animals had become twenty two.

Did Noah read books?
No he just scrolled.

Why do roads have two sides?
Because they are flat.

What is an enigma?
Ah,if only I could explain it!

Why did ancient people believe in salvation?
Because they couldn’t solve Fermat’s Last Theorem

Why did the Pope sell indulgencies?
Because there was a market.

When we say we repent,how do we know we mean it?
I’m stumped.

If I go to Confession,will it be private?
As long as you don’t tweet it later.

Where may I receive Communion?
Is she Spanish?

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