To find true rest

Feeling strained,thoughts all a-riot,
I feel unable to be quiet.
I feel tense,I can’t sit down..
My eyes glare out and how I frown!

I talk too fast,I lack patience
I lose touch with my common sense.
To follow instructions from a guide
Seems harder when my mind is tired.

I discovered once that deep inside.
Peace and stillness still abide.
To find that place we each must be
Desireless, till at last we see.

Deep ,deep down there is true rest
And warmly there our souls are blessed.
All we have to do is wait
To get in touch with this dear state.

We share affinity with trees,
With flowers,cats, bats and bumble bees.
Let all thought and controls go.
Let this,the mind, become more slow,

Perception’s better when we’re still
Emptied of desire and will;
Deep inside a melody
stirs our hearts and sets them free.

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