Taunt no more the hints of man

Taunt no longer idiots on these isles
For like the Lord they are not English pure
They voted for the stupid and the wild

In appearance, May looks fairly mild
For old men, she has a faint allure
Being the headless sweeper of church aisles

Boris Johnson Turkey has defiled
He cooked his goose in rapeseed oil uncured
As befits the madmen and the wild

Michael Gove’s own head his heart beguiled
What saves him from the deserts of the sewer
Taunt no longer morons on these isles

The NHS is poorer mile by mile
It’s good if you are dying on the wires
Even when it’s suicide to smile

Mrs Thatcher never paid the toll
She wrote a cheque and signed the counterfoil
Taunt no longer MPs on these isles
We chose among the cunning, the most vile.

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