My husband has a rubber face

  • My husband has a rubber face,
    He’s from a subspecies of the human race.
    Some men have faces fixed and set
    My husband’s face is not like that
  • He imitates our politicians,
    Just like Rory Bremner can.
    Though he has no wig or hair piece,
    He can look like anyone.
  • Some nights I waken for I am laughing
    While I am quite sound asleep.
    I am dreaming of his mobile features,
    Contorted to a different shape.He is skilled at telling jokes.
    And he loves a good cartoon.
    If I am feeling flu type blueness

  • Hhe can get me up again.
  • He has a rather noble visage.
    He gets attention he abhors.
    In the bar on King’s Cross Station—
    I was asked was he a Lord!He’s a Lord of Fun and Humour.
    He’s a Lord at Listening Well.
    He’s unique, but so are you,
    And all creatures that on earth do dwell

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