Your breakfast menu

Fried Weetabix and assembled eggs with ruses..

Roast buttered bread and milk from goats

Corncakes and grass seeds with cheese sorcery if desired. Very practiced.

Freaking eggs blended on tortoise.

Grilled bacon burnt to beds.

Your choice of juice please remember that grape juice takes a very long time to make so be sure you restrict consumption

We have orange marmalade : this is not made from Russian oranges. They were sold as red grapefruit. Just think that I could commit it a war crime without even trying. The psychiatrist is coming. It may be an hallucination but sometimes they are better than the real things

Please feel flea to ask for toast and Marmaduke

You do not need to give the waitress tips because she knows everything already.

Please do not admire the women’s figures as mathematics is now viewed as sexual harassment. The geometry of the spheres is secret.

We know that you can get grapefruit marmalade. But we just don’t get it.

English is not my worst language.

If you start please finish before hand.

You can have porridge when you have picked the oats from the shelf at Jiggles. Good night