What is “social work”?

Social work was once done out of love

We had enough to spare, so we could give.

But now that loves in short supply again

We have to get a workforce, bring in men.

But our world is binary no more.

I think it’s gone too far to shut the door

In the dancehall girls sat sweet and prim

Waiting for the man, I think that’s him!

Now we wander vaguely into sin

Sodom and Gomorrah come again.

But where is Noah and the saving Heart

Red with blood and a fiery is the air.

We thought we wanted peace and now we know

We are all aggressive at the core.

We’ve never like to share and be polite

And so we have a nightmare every night.

3 thoughts on “What is “social work”?

  1. This is one of my favorite things I have read all morning. It is a joy bursting shout out to the lost. The graphic drew me in instantly, but your words are even more beautiful. Thank you for this mindful meditation on the betterment of the human soul and mind. Loved it.

    1. Thank you so much for that wonderful comment which will inspire me to keep going. It’s very nice 0l to meet a new person. So we’ll have to meet again when I find you on your blog.Katherine

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