Why not watch Ben-Hur?

What they call a killer smile  needs cold eyes. I’m afraid you will be no good for the job. Why not watch Ben-Hur with Charlton Heston?

From your photograph I can say you are either extremely intelligent or suffering from prolonged and se vere panic. So we have decided to offer you the job as either of these will be an asset to a psychiatrist. You have both so you are perfect.

I wonder if Hitler ever had a panic attack

This man murdered someone just  to prove he is a strong person. Shooting someone who just fallen off their bicycle revealed a serious lack of empathy. Even if it’s his bicycle that’s no excuse for shooting somebody. A kick would have been excusable if this man was a thief but even that is illegal unless the cyclist was carrying feed to a starving familyv in which case the Catholic church says it is not a sin.

They should know. Have you seen how small the hosts are now when you go to communion? Couldn’t Jesus be equally at Home in a sandwich?

I know that they didn’t have sandwiches at The Last Supper but does that mean that nobody can eat them anymore? Are you thinking of all the work involved in sweeping the floor afterwards? It is a very large church. Maybe we need to buy a vacuum cleaner.

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