When will you have to eat the cat?

We think times are hard now and even contemplate the cat food

If we don’t get essential government we might end up eating the cat.

We used to think that sausages were a cheap food. Soon the priest will be using them when he celebrates the Mass.

A full English breakfast will be 2 tablespoons full of corn flakes and 3 tbsp of milk with 4 oz of sugar

The toast. we didn’t have breakfast will comprise our lunch with the addition of 12 baked beans from Tesco’s own brand.

If you’re worried about the cat take it take him into the living room

When you have divided the baked beans between all the plates is there any left you could let the cat liquid tomato sauce off then wash them and put them back into the fridge to add to your egg and bacon on Sunday or if you have no eggs fried bread with half a bacon rasher and three or four beans will give you the illusion of a real breakfast.

You may have to talk to your cat seriously. This is a joke.

I’m sorry Tabby. You’ll have to know hunting tonight and if you catch chickens please share them with us.

I wonder will people take up shooting wood pigeons.

I’m sure some of the people you’ve come here from Eastern Europe will advise us. check the law before you become a hunter

I welcome comments and criticism

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