A cheap dinner party

Jellied cat food is still priced quite reasonable.

Instead of making pate when you’re entertaining your friends try this

One small tin of jellied cat food will be enough for 4 people when served on hot buttered toast.

Is it safe if? Well have you ever read any articles in the news forever saying that piece of died after eating cat food?

But to be safe don’t give it to anyone over 90 unless they’ve got a very aggressive personality and do not listen to what you say ever.

For the main course use sausages try to get some decent ones put some sliced potatoes and onions into an oven dish and poor in some milk that just reaches the top layer put some salt and pepper on a little love of butter in and put it into the oven well you brown the sausages in your frying pan

Take the potatoes out of the oven on your work surface will you arrange the sausages on the top

Put it into the oven for about 45 minutes on a medium heat

If you can’t afford to buy any salad you need to grow some nasturtiums 0 because you can eat the leaves as a salad.

Do you want a pudding?

Buy a sponge cake and and put it in the oven for 5-minutes on the high heat.

Meanwhile squeeze two or three lemons and mix it with some sugar in a small pan and then heat it gently until the sugar melts.

Make some holes in the bottom of the cake with a square and then pour the hot mixture in and leave the cake upside down the liquid will stay within the cake

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