The Heart of Foam

Lost in wondrous, gentle reverie
I put my Toe into his mug of tea
I knew I should have nests of tables near
Or diagrams to show me how to veer

I know not why I loved this merry man
If I can do it, anybody can
With patience and the virtues we were taught
I threw my hook and it was he I caught

Do you think the Holy Ghost is here?
If that’s so, we’ve nothing much to fear
Since the Lockdown on March 23rd
Myy face has had a rash, is that absurd?

I cooked some bacon and I fried an egg
I might have ventured into frying bread
Mother used to leave it in the pan
Bits of bacon, bread; God was a man

We could not chew the Host as it was Christ
I sucked it and it tasted rather nice
Now they share the wine and kiss of peace
Then all can go home for last Sunday’s grease

I liked to sing “The Panting Heart of Rome”
It sounds like a sex maniac on a roll
Guardian angels do nor read the News
It is so liberal, they can’t cancel Views

Anyway the lungs cause us to pant
Especially when our pants are full of ants