The love will never stop

His absence left an empty open cut
Where was my blood that should have made a crust?
The weeping wound must heal from bottom up
The healing force is life and others’ love
Those who touch us gently without lust
His absence still an empty open cut
Slowly cells harmonious in this rut
Do their work and live as all things must
The weeping wound can heal from bottom up
Meanwhile my immunity has guts
Keeping off bacteria and dust
In his absence. now a hollow slit
Tears fly horizontal,eyes are shut
Time goes slow and heavy weights oppress
The weeping wound shall heal if I have grit
Bring me wild flowers from the Clevelands plucked
Give me nectar where the wild bees suck
His presence was a comfort,laughter-lit
The wound heals, oh, the love will never stop

I wrote this after I had an operation on my arm.After the stitches were removed I went to bed.When I awoke there was a big open slit in my arm.It did heal after several weeks


Like a sieve

Language is selective like a sieve
The juice of life leaks out when we use words
Unspoken are the gestures that we give

Blinded by those words we conjure with
Unnoticed is the body which is stirred
Language is selective like a sieve

We read more book to tell us how to live
Yet happier are the lilies and the birds
Unspoken are the gestures others give

See the plummy voiced and how they shove
Walking in their pride, by power prepared
Language is selective like a sieve

Through the holes runs out the juice of love
While those who’re poor in words are ripe with care
Unnoticed are the gestures many give

In deep silence hear what prophets heard
The Fiery Bush hums music as it burns
Language is selective like a sieve
How appropriate are the gestures that we give?