Not the government whip

I think I’ll watch the BBC
Safe enough while Stan cooks tea
What is this, a guide to sex
Enough to put one off at best
After Fifty Shades of Grey
I knelt on the floor to pray
God protect the Innocent
From an author with mind bent
Yet she is now a millionaire
Withdraw the Whip, and do not stare
The BBC, is this bizarre?
I think the country’s gone too far
Where’s the mystery, where the joy
As with our donkey’s ears we toyed
What’s erotic nowadays
With orifices almost bare?
With breasts swelled by silicone
They have no fear they’ll be alone
Cut and slice, compare,contrast
Down comes Gabriel to blast
Why waste money, why be bossed
I’ll hurl my body into frost
I do hope there is no Test
Sometimes keeping mum is best
I don’t want girls to be assessed
Oh.Lord God, a bloody mess
Yet, it was cruel in my youth
We’d be in Hell with burning hooves
Pan the God with feet of goat
Dissociate and feel remote
Once admired and then cast out
Even I have had my doubts
Buying,selling,wanting more
Keep sex sacred at our core
For there we pass to heaven’s door
Let me in ,I’ll say no more.
But love is true and love is wise
Keep your dignity and thrive