I prefer it green

Bless me ,Father, I have sinned again
Needlessly I caused my lover pain
If he asks for whipping, use a cane
I cannot strike the one I love, be plain
My sin is in my tongue,I call him names
I feel you need to show a b
it more shame
Do no others try their love to tame?
Don’t fool with me,I guess you are insane.
If I am, it’s God that is to blame
Don’t you know to say that is a crime?
You mix your legal and your moral zones.
I’ve had enough of this,I’m going home
Will your lover come across to Rome?
No,we live in sin, please change your tone
I am sad for I live all alone
I can only recommend you find a crone
I’d prefer a witch, is this the time?
Any time is right if there’s a line
You mean I have to phone them,I can try
It’s up to you, quit moaning, you’ll be fine
I’d better wash my hands and have a cry

Let it out and sin with no more sighs
Thanks for that,I think you’re very wise
Moreover I do like your gorgeous eyes
This is about the end,I know you spy
I’d love you, if you told me truly why.
Now we are absolved we need a fry

Get the eggs, the bacon’s turning grey
I prefer it green, so go away

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