Going deaf?

The results of the experiment = the insults of a compliment
I failed my degree= I sailed nude and free
I hated mechanics—–I ate dinner on it
Panic attack=Pan on a rack
An evil sinner = Noodles for dinner
Do you repent = Who’re you to dissent?
I am a Jew = I love you too
I have got flu- I feel rather blue
Hold my hand cos I need you===Fold the sands as we need Sue
Probably a sign of schizophrenia -Horrible swine in the media
You might enjoy it – you’re right,destroy it
What’s my name= No sighs insane
She ate the meat- she hated her feet
Do you dust every chair? ..you must often swear
What’s a four letter word? Did you ever do surds?
I feel my testosterone rise….He feels his vests alight

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