The way adults play

After my caring duties were finished,I realised on reflection that I had begun
to behave like my husband did
He was very crticical of radios and several times replaced them seeking the
perfect sound.I spent some months doing the same thing and as I can listen via the TV
I did not need to do it.But now I have readmany books about bereavement I’ve discovered it is common.It’s as if you take the loved person into yourself
I can’t start drinking gin because of medication
Nor can I drive.
Maybe, it’s ironical,I was silently critical of his radio needs and so that is the one I have taken into myself
I had already got 2 cheap mobile phones so that in A & E one would always be working
I then became obsessed with phones however so far I have limited myself
to Motorola [ a budget phone!) I feel quite contented as I use it mainly for reading
e- books and looking up weird information when I lie down feeling ill
Like, what does Lacan’s writing mean ? I don’t know why they use such abstruse
I look up recipes for exotic dishes which I do not make
Better than looking at railway timetables, perhaps?
I call my best friend on it & my family.
My vaccination appt came on it
Why should I get an expensive phone?
I don’t want to worry about dropping down the toilet or losing it and like most of my stuff nobody will steal it.Those criminals who got in realised when they saw my old TV that they had made a mistake.
Now I’d like to know how many different phones canI have on one landline?
Purely for scientific reasons of course.

Well, children play!

We feel better playing because it has no purpose,we are doing it for enjoyment

2 thoughts on “The way adults play

  1. To save you searching, the number of phones on one line is limited by what’s called the Ringer Equivalence Number (REN) If you have too many, they won’t ring because there’s not enough power in the line. It’s usually around 4 or 5 phones.

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