Who are we now?

The oven is an halogen,it’s so good
It has a golden light which aids my mind
It grills my steak till it goes brown like wood

I don’t like meat that oozes with red blood
I’m guilty.I have sinned and been unkind
The oven is an halogen,it’s good

No oven is of use during the flood
Do you like to eat the bacon rind?
I grill my bacon till it’s brown like wood

I cannot eat a trout which has a head
I scream into its eye both dead and blind
The oven is an halogen,bright, good

Since we killed the Jews and others sad
God wrote yet his words escaped our minds
Jesus, Joan of Arc, the cross, the wood

The genocides utopian were thought good
One person or ten trillion, guilt denied
It fries the soul, and dries up all the blood

Was it the philosophers that lied
No dignity and yet excessive pride
The sun is fierce, it’s blinding us to good
The darkeness, the Inferno in the Wood

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