Another genius dream

We’re not taught wisdom in a school
We’re taught notation as a rule
When we cross a road we know
Just how fast the cars can go
To write that down in formulae
Takes much longer than a day
First we need symbols and signs
Arab libraries, our gold mines
Numbers counted ancient sheep
Goats and reindeer upward leap
Connections, patterns shapes and forms
Cold as glass and clear as dawn
Then the Plague and Newton fled
To a country farm and bed
Sitting by the apple tree
One fell down and hit his knee
Another one fell on his head
It would be worse if it were lead
His thoughts turned onto gravity
Thus his inner eye could see
Maddened by his locked down state
He saw a way to break checkmate
Calculus was his way out
It’s hard to say what it’s about
Tiny numbers dance on pins
Demons minute wave their sins
Come and go in waves or balls
They throw light on the great Fall
Use them now or let them go
They’re not real, yet they act so
After many hundred years
We can tell the speed of cars
Accelerating they go far
Ever changing like love’s eyes
Ever true like a sunrise.
But if you want to cross the road
Better use the Highway Code
Thinking too much on the kerb
What if s make our minds too scared
The body and the senses cry
Take good care and you’ll not die
Who knows if Covid 19
Will make another genius dream?

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